Ruby ESX 0.3 released

New patch from Salvador Girones (multiple NICs, custom VM Network), better test coverage and a some sugar.


  • Better test coverage
  • added poweron-vm, poweroff-vm and destroy-vm subcommands to ‘esx’ script
  • Added custom network support to the ‘esx’ script (–vm-network)
  • Host.create_vm now supports creating a VM with multiple NICs
  • Minor README tweaks

New ‘esx’ sub-commands

Powering on/off existing VMs

To power on an existing VM:

esx poweron-vm --user root --password secret --vm-name my-foo-vm my-esx-host

To power it off:

esx poweroff-vm --user root --password secret --vm-name my-foo-vm my-esx-host

Creating a new VM with a custom Network/MAC address

esx create-vm --user root --password secret --name my-foo-vm --disk-file tc.vmdk \
              --poweron --vm-network 'foobar' \
              --mac-address 00:01:02:03:04:05 esx-test-host

This will create a VM with one NIC attached to the network ‘foobar’ and a MAC address ’00:01:02:03:04:05′

Destroying and existing VM (disk files included)

esx destroy-vm --user root --password secret --vm-name my-foo-vm esx-test-host